5 Aug 2014

Auckland rest home criticised over care

4:06 pm on 5 August 2014

An Auckland rest home has been criticised by the Deputy Health and Disability Commissioner for its treatment of an 86-year-old woman who died shortly after she stayed there.

The nurse manager at the facility has been referred for possible further action.

The woman went to The Willows rest home, which says it provides "hospital-level" care, after being injured in a fall.

But Deputy Commissioner Theo Baker said its care plan didn't say how her diabetes, dementia, prolapses and swallowing difficulties should be dealt with, and proper records weren't kept about her falls and food intake.

Her daughters complained that she was soaked in urine and sitting in her own faeces when they visited.

The woman's family had her transferred to another rest home, where she stayed for a week before being sent to hospital - where she died after suffering hypothermia and kidney failure.

The owner of The Willows said she took full responsibility for the woman's sub-standard care and had already made changes to address the concerns raised by the deputy commissioner.