29 Jul 2014

Bathroom fan heaters banned

8:41 am on 29 July 2014

Two models of Goldair's wall-mounted bathroom fan heaters have been banned after some caused fires.

Energy Safety says the two affected products are marked on the back with the model numbers 3108 or 3109. They would have been installed three or more years ago.

It said no other Goldair heaters were affected.

Model 3108

Model 3108 Photo: RNZ / SUPPLIED

Energy Safety says owners of those heaters should not turn them on. The organisation said the company is offering free replacements.

Energy Safety has prohibited the use and sale of two models of Goldair branded wall mounted bathroom fan heaters because they have caused a number of fires.

The two heaters affected by the prohibition have the model numbers 3108 or 3109 on the back. These heaters are likely to have been installed three or more years ago.

Model number 3109

Model number 3109 Photo: RNZ / SUPPLIED

This prohibition does not affect any other Goldair bathroom heater, and the company has asked people to check the model number. If the heater is one of those affected by the prohibition, they should immediately cease to use it.

The importer of the heaters is no longer trading. However, the current Goldair importer and distributor is offering free replacement heaters.

Customers will have to pay for removal and installation, and they must use a licensed electrical worker.

To get a replacement, customers should send the power cord and rating label to Goldair with a name and return address details and a new model Goldair bathroom heater will be sent back.