23 Jul 2014

Homeowners upset EQC case in capital

8:08 am on 23 July 2014

A decision to hear a court case in Wellington on how much Christchurch residents should be paid for earthquake land damage has upset a group of property owners.

The action is being taken by the Earthquake Commission, which is seeking a declaratory judgement to ensure the approach it is using to settle claims is the correct one.

One issue is the extent to which land has an increased vulnerability to flooding following the damaging quakes.

A spokesperson for the Flockton Cluster Residents Group, Jo Byrne, says the only reason the case is being heard in Wellington is because that's where the EQC is based.

Ms Byrne says it's a Christchurch issue affecting Christchurch people and residents should have the opportunity to attend the case.

Residents will have their own legal representative at the hearing.