21 Jul 2014

Flockton EQC decision 'ridiculous'

1:09 pm on 21 July 2014

Jo Byrne, who lives in the Flockton basin area, said the earthquakes lowered her property by 50 cms, and it has flooded twice since the earthquakes.

A flooded house in the Flockton Basin.

A flooded house in the Flockton Basin. Photo: RNZ / Nicola Grigg

Despite this, she said EQC deems her property not to be at an increased risk as a result of land changes.

Ms Byrne said EQC has used irrational criteria that rules out a property if it was at risk of a 1-in-100 year flood before the earthquakes

The area hadn't flooded for thirty years up until the earthquakes, but has flooded dozens of times since, she said.

The Earthquake Commission says flooding on properties as a result of changes to river heights and river banks, or damage to storm water infrastructure isn't covered. It says extensive research and modelling has been done to determine which properties are affected.