2 Jul 2014

No autism, cancer link to vaccines

5:29 pm on 2 July 2014

Childhood vaccines can lead to side-effects such as fever and seizures but do not cause autism, cancer or food allergies, an extensive study on the issue in the United States has found.

Study shows 92 percent of New Zealand children are fully immunised by age two.

A baby being vaccinated. Photo: PHOTO NZ

The American Academy of Pediatrics report aimed to address a growing problem of parents refusing child vaccinations because of fears over such links; that has contributed to outbreaks of measles and whooping cough.

The study looked at a range of vaccines given to children aged under six in the US and found strong evidence the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine was not associated with the onset of autism in children. However it could cause fever and seizures.

The report said other vaccines for conditions such as hepatitis B had no link to childhood leukemia.

The study also found little evidence the polio vaccine for newborn babies caused food allergies.