29 Jun 2014

Sealord trials new technology

1:20 pm on 29 June 2014

Sealord is trialling new technology which it says will enable commercial fishers to target fish, whilst protecting delicate marine ecosystems.

The technology is the culmination of five years of development by the fishing company together with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

The equipment, which uses fibre optic cabling to connect fishing boats to cameras, lights and audio systems, is being trialled aboard the Nelson vessel, the Thomas Harrison which set sail this weekend.

Sealord resource manager Graham Patchell said until now, fishers had largely operated in the dark, but the new system would provide full visuals at depths of up to 1000 metres.

He said this would allow accurate fish stock assessments, as well as the ability to catch quota more efficiently.

Mr Patchell said fishers would also be able to avoid hauling in protected marine features such as coral.