18 Jun 2014

Measles outbreak spreads further

9:29 pm on 18 June 2014

A measles outbreak in Hamilton has spread to a third school, with 60 cases confirmed.

The Waikato District Health Board said five people were in hospital, and there were another 14 suspected cases.

The outbreak is linked to Fraser High School but there is one confirmed case at Hamilton Girls' High School and another at Hamilton Junior High School.

Medical Officer of Health Anita Bell said now the disease had spread beyond Fraser High School, it was important that people check their children's vaccination status.

"Probably the majority, there was an assumption that they were immunised but looking back through records, they'd only had one or sometimes none.

"Many of these people haven't chosen not to immunise but in general the majority of these are just people who ... need to check immunisation status."

People who were not immunised and who may have had contact with a person with measles should stay at home for 14 days, Dr Bell said.