28 May 2014

Legionnaires cases spark spa warning

10:30 pm on 28 May 2014

Two cases of legionnaires' disease linked to the same motel spa pool in Hokitika have sparked a warning over the importance of hygiene in spa pools.

Environmental Science and Research has drawn the link between the two cases, which occurred last year.

Both the people involved had to be hospitalised and, although it was a small outbreak, West Coast Medical Officer of Health Cheryl Brunton said it could have been much worse.

The motel owner had taken immediate steps to resolve the problem, Dr Brunton said.

"We've had nothing but co-operation from the spa pool owner, who was mortified that he had caused anybody any harm and was only too happy to adopt the recommendations for improving his practice."

The incident was a reminder spa pools needed to be thoroughly and regularly cleaned.