27 May 2014

Pupil praised, teacher deregistered

2:40 pm on 27 May 2014

The Teachers Council has deregistered a teacher and praised the schoolgirl who refused his advances.

A written decision issued by the council said the teacher became fixated with the 16 year-old, contacting her via social media and making suggestive comments.

He was put on sick leave in late 2012 but breached a requirement that he not communicate with the girl. His wife also became involved, contacting the girl until August 2013.

The council said the girl responded wisely and with great maturity.

It censured the teacher for serious misconduct and removed his registration.

Teacher censured for NCEA cheating

In another case, the Teachers Council has censured a teacher who gave his students the answers to an NCEA assessment, but will let him continue to teach.

In a written decision, the council said the teacher lost an assessment held in 2011 and at the end of the following year, asked the students to sit a new test for which he would give them the answers.

He said the students had met the required standard and he was trying to avoid them paying fees of more than $100 each to fix his mistake.

The council said the teacher breached his fundamental responsibilities as a teacher, censured him, and placed conditions on his continued registration as a teacher.