13 May 2014

Flockton help is on the way - Council

8:13 pm on 13 May 2014

The Christchurch City Council says it is assuring flood-hit residents that work to protect vulnerable areas is underway, despite any decisions on permanent protection still at least three months away.

Properties in the Flockton Basin have been repeatedly flooded.

Properties in the Flockton Basin have been repeatedly flooded. Photo: RNZ

Council contractors have continued work on streets and drains following Monday's Council approval of some short term flood prevention measures recommended by the mayoral taskforce.

The mayor, Lianne Dalziel, said members of the taskforce team met with contractors and consultant engineers on Tuesday morning to discuss the concept design of a temporary pump-station for the Flockton/Dudley Creek area.

She said the team was contacting homeowners whose properties were considered most at risk to discuss what options best suit their current circumstances.

Work happening right now includes:

  • Sediment removal - Dudley Creek:
  • Contractors (two excavators) are moving downstream from Slater Street, removing sediment from the creek's sides. They are removing approximately 400 millimetres along this bank. This same section of the creek was dug out to the gravel base in May/June of last year. The crews should be moving on to Julius Terrace today and will continue on down Stapletons Road.

  • Vegetation removal - Dudley Creek:
  • Vegetation within the channel that is either causing blockages or is compromising the channel width has been taken out ahead of the sediment removal.

  • Tree removals - Dudley Creek:
  • A large willow tree partially within the waterway was removed yesterday from a Chrystal Street property. The Council's tree removal team will spend the rest of the week in Banks Avenue removing trees identified as being a restriction or within channel widening areas.

  • Bank modification - Dudley Creek:
  • Contractors should be starting later this week on bank modifications along Banks Avenue (Council-owned land) to open up the waterway channel.

  • Sump and pipe jet cleaning - Lower Heathcote:
  • Council contractors are cleaning sumps, pipes and flap-gates in Clarendon and Richardson Terraces.

  • Surveying - Shirley:
  • The Council survey team is working on establishing property/stream boundaries along Banks Avenue and North Parade. The council's property team will discuss boundaries with owners of property which may be affected by channel widening and/or vegetation removal.

The Mayoral Taskforce on Flooding was set up two weeks ago to fast-track work to identify the causes and possible short term solutions available to householders experiencing repeated flooding.

In total, it has so far pinpointed nearly 1000 Christchurch properties that have been subject to some form of flooding impact in the post-earthquake environment, with the 56 most vulnerable properties flooded inside the home two or more times since the 2010/2011 earthquakes.