4 May 2014

NZ Music month seen as outdated

1:01 pm on 4 May 2014

A music critic is calling for New Zealand Music Month to be abandoned, calling it an outdated concept that makes the sector look lazy.

DJ at work.


May is New Zealand Music Month which promotes the playing of local songs on radio and celebrates the music industry.

But music critic Simon Sweetman told Sunday Morning the concept is outdated as many radio stations now play New Zealand music - so a special month was no longer needed.

He also said the promotion had not been adjusted to take into account that most people now buy music online.

In response, the Music Commission said New Zealand Music Month still plays a valuable role in promoting new performers.

Chief executive Cath Anderson told Sunday Morning it plays a role in bringing up-and-coming talent to public attention.

She hopes people will listen to New Zealand music throughout the year and not just in May.