1 May 2014

Youth campaign for clean energy

10:43 pm on 1 May 2014

A lobby group made up of youthful environmentalists say New Zealand needs to redouble its efforts to develop cleaner energy.

wind turbines


Generation Zero says other countries are cleaning up their energy policies but New Zealand is lagging behind. The organisation was set up to bring young people into the environmental front line.

In a report issued on Thursday, it cites Denmark as a country planning to phase out fossil fuels for all energy including transport by 2050.

But it says current Government policy will keep New Zealand hooked on fossil fuels for years, with greenhouse gas emissions set to grow, not fall, by 2030.

Generation Zero says all parties must commit to phase out coal, oil and gas consumption by 2050.

At present, New Zealand plans to halve emissions by 2050.

To improve on this would require a long term strategy as well as immediate measures, such as improving vehicle fuel economy standards, shifting transport funds towards public transport and cycling, and making people pay the proper cost of carbon emissions.