2 May 2014

Six 'legal highs' recalled

7:03 am on 2 May 2014

Six so-called legal highs have been recalled before a total ban announced by the Government, is introduced next week.

Legal high protestors outside the Brew Store in Whangarei.

Legal high protestors outside the Brew Store in Whangarei. Photo: RNZ / Lois Williams

Earlier this week the Government announced plans to ban all 41 synthetic cannabis products and party pills that had been granted interim approval, until they can be proven low risk.

But on Thursday the Ministry of Health said it had revoked the licences to manufacture and sell six of those drugs, effective immediately.

It said it made the decision because the products pose more than a low risk to people's health.

The products are sold under the band names Apocalypse, Outbreak, WTF, Blueberry Crush, White Rhino and Lemon Grass.

Before the Government moved to introduce the total ban, protests were held up and down the country in April against the sale of synthetic cannabis and party pill products.

Organisers said they were deeply concerned by the damage the products were doing in the community.

The Legal High lobby group STAR Trust says while synthetic cannabis and party pills can have serious side effects when abused, they cause less harm than alcohol and tobacco.