1 May 2014

Reports Argentinian suspect released

3:47 pm on 1 May 2014

An Argentinean newspaper is reporting that a suspect held in connection with the death of a New Zealand man is being released from police custody.

Nicholas Heyward.

Nicholas Heyward. Photo: FACEBOOK

Nicholas Heyward, 31, was walking through a park in the city of Mendoza on Monday, when two people on a motorbike tried to take his bag. He resisted and was shot dead.

Local media said police arrested one person after a series of raids but no one was charged.

The newspaper, El Sol, said eyewitnesses have not been able to identify a 19-year-old man questioned by the police and he is being let go.

The paper said police are investigating anonymous calls made after a reward of almost $6000 was offered for information.

Mr Heyward had been travelling on a New Zealand passport, but had been living in Queensland and has family in Adelaide and on the Gold Coast.

Meanwhile tourist police in Mendoza have said there's no need to step up security there.

Officer Veronica Albornoz of the city's tourist police, said she's acting as victim support for the two friends who were with Mr Heyward when he was killed and they are in shock.

She said attacks like this are very rare and no extra security measures have been put in place for tourists in the city.