30 Apr 2014

Boy racer's car avoided crusher

12:53 pm on 30 April 2014

A police mistake meant the first boy racer car due to be crushed under new laws avoided destruction.

A court had ordered the destruction of Otago man Karn Clarrie Forrest's car after he was convicted of three driving offences in 2011.

Police Minister Anne Tolley hoped to send a strong warning to boy racers.

Anne Tolley sending a message to boy racers in 2012. Photo: RNZ

After the court order was made the police discovered the car was no longer owned by Mr Forrest.

Police say the Milton man had swapped licence plates and ownership of the vehicle for a van before his court appearance.

They say the change of ownership was legal because the police had failed to issue a notice prohibiting sale or disposal of the vehicle. Police said at that time the boy racer legislation was new.

Police Minister Anne Tolley said she did not expect the same thing to happen again.

She said the goal is not to crush cars but to see less dangerous and anti-social behaviour on the roads.

Ms Tolley pointed to figures released in February showing illegal street racing offences had halved in the four years since the legislation was introduced in 2009.