22 Apr 2014

NZ scientist to appear in terror trial

10:22 pm on 22 April 2014

A top New Zealand scientist is to be a key witness in a major terrorism trial in New York this week.

Abu-Hamza denies the charges.

Abu-Hamza denies the charges. Photo: AFP (file)

Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, known as Abu Hamza, 56, is denying all charges over the setting up of a jihad training camp and assisting hostage-takers in an attack on tourists in west Yemen.

Among those tourists was Mary Quin, now chief executive of Callagahn Innovation, a Wellington-based state science company.

Dr Quin escaped during the incident in Yemen in 1998, but four other hostages were killed in a firefight between the terrorists and government troops.

She later interviewed Abu Hamza at a mosque in London and the tape is expected to be played to the jury. Dr Quin also wrote a book, Kidnapped in Yemen.

Abu Hamza is already serving a six-year prison sentence in Britain for inciting hatred and soliciting murder.