19 Apr 2014

Dairy industry inquiry wanted

8:15 am on 19 April 2014

Fish & Game is demanding a public inquiry into the dairy industry.

Farmland beside the Clutha River.

Farmland beside the Clutha River. Photo: PHOTO NZ (file)

The lobby group made the demand during a presentation to the Local Government and Environment Select Committee.

Chief executive Bryce Johnson said a different way of farming is needed to stop environmental damage to waterways.

Mr Johnson said the industry's defence is a 'continual parade of rhetoric', but it was not taking any action and was reluctant to set limits on how it uses water.

He said two recent polls confirmed an overwhelming majority of the public want the dairy sector to adopt a different way of operating.

Mr Johnson said the debate around the issue has become too politicised and the best solutions can be found through an independent review.