18 Mar 2014

Greenpeace sues Russia

11:40 am on 18 March 2014

Greenpeace is suing Russia at the European Court of Human Rights for detaining its members during a protest against oil drilling in the Arctic.

Russian security forces held 30 Greenpeace activists and journalists for two months last year and seized their ship.

The group included New Zealanders David Haussmann and Jonathan Beauchamp.

They have since been bailed, and then cleared of charges under a Kremlin-backed amnesty.

The Arctic Sunrise docked in Murmansk.

The Arctic Sunrise docked in Murmansk. Photo: AFP / GREENPEACE / DMITRI SHAROMOV

Greenpeace's legal counsel, Kristen Casper, told Radio New Zealand's Morning Report programme the group is seeking compensation and a declaration that their detention was unlawful.

She says they want to prove their actions were peaceful and underline their right to protest.

The group's ship, the Arctic Sunrise, is still being held in Russia.