7 Mar 2014

Homeowners take commission to court

6:30 pm on 7 March 2014

More than 120 disgruntled Christchurch homeowners are taking the Earthquake Commission to court for not doing enough to fix their homes.

Law firm Anthony Harper has been looking for participants for the group action since last year and revealed on Friday it has the numbers to proceed.

A Bealey Ave house.

A Bealey Ave house. Photo: PHOTO NZ

A lawyer from Anthony Harper, Simon Munro, said EQC is repairing homes to a much lower standard than it should be.

He said it is relying too heavily on a section of the law that says, in limited circumstances, it may repair homes to a "sufficient standard" rather than to "as new".

Mr Munro said his firm will now work on building the formal case and hopes to file in the court within eight weeks.

He said if the legal action is successful, it could have wider implications because other home owners may also be able to make a case for substandard repairs.