24 Feb 2014

Review of Auckland's CCOs

1:36 pm on 24 February 2014

Auckland Council is to review the work of the seven agencies which carry out much of its business.

Council-controlled-organisations - or CCOs - run everything from roads and public transport to water supply, and have been criticised for being too far removed from the city's politicians.

The seven agencies were created during Auckland's local body amalgamation to bring more commercial focus to day-to-day operations, with less political involvement.

Each has its own board of directors and management, and agrees on priorities each year, with the council.

A review has long been signalled and will look for duplication between the agencies themselves, and with the council.

Legislation which set up the amalgamated city limits major changes being made to the biggest agencies Watercare Services and Auckland Transport.

The review will be finished in four months.