21 Feb 2014

Pay processes blamed for latest errors

11:35 pm on 21 February 2014

The Education Ministry says the latest school payday has another batch of errors caused by schools' difficult start-of-year process.

School staff are complaining that Wednesday's pay had a lot of mistakes and some fear a return to the serious problems that plagued the Novopay payroll system in 2012 and 2013.

But the ministry says that is not the case. It says the problems lie with schools' start-of-year processes and there are likely to be a similar number of errors as a fortnight ago, when more than 500 staff suffered serious pay mistakes.

Earlier in the month, the primary school teachers' union warned that the Novopay payroll system was continuing to take a toll on staff and the Government needed to do something about it quickly.

The Principals' Federation says 500 out of 700 principals surveyed on Novopay, say mistakes from previous pay rounds still haven't been fixed.

Novopay screen

Photo: Ministry of Education