19 Feb 2014

Christchurch man-drought may be over

6:32 am on 19 February 2014

Three years on from the Christchurch earthquakes, new census figures show the city's man-drought is over.

Census data from Statistics New Zealand shows there are now 2000 more young men and 1300 fewer young women living there than in 2006.

The manager of census statistics at Statistics New Zealand, Gareth Meech, says that's quite a different picture to the rest of the country and he attributes it directly to the rebuild.

Mr Meech said the the most obvious reason for increase in numbers of young men is because many are part of the construction boom.

He said the drop in young women could be because more jobs in their most popular industries, such as health care, retail and accommodation, are available outside the quake-damaged city.

The number of people working in the central city halved between the censuses, from 39,000 in 2006 to 19,000 in 2013 as jobs moved out of the city.

There's been a 12.4 percent increase in the number of Maori living in Christchurch, compared with about 4 percent in Auckland and Wellington.

Of the nearly 1600 Irish people living in the city, more than half have arrived since the earthquakes.

About a third of the three-and-a-half thousand Filipinos have also arrived since then.