17 Feb 2014

Blogger fined $5000 over email leak

8:37 pm on 17 February 2014

A blogger who uploaded a leaked email containing private information about 83,000 Christchurch homeowners has been found guilty of contempt and fined $5000. Marc Krieger blogged under the name EQC Truths.

The information contained estimates for claims and was originally sent inadvertently by an EQC employee to earthquake repair contractor Bryan Staples last year.

Readers of Marc Krieger's EQC Truths blog were told they could access their information by contacting him or Mr Staples.

Krieger breached an injunction order put in place to stop further disclosure of the data when he published hyperlinks to other websites.

Justice Pankhurst said on Monday he found it difficult to judge the harm caused by that disclosure.

The judge said as EQC doesn't have a competitive tender process, repair contractors would have been unlikely to undercut the estimates if they found out what they were.