15 Feb 2014

Smoking ban wanted when kids in cars

6:47 am on 15 February 2014

Health groups want New Zealand to follow Britain and ban smoking in cars carrying children.

Parliament in London on Monday passed a new law aimed at reducing the effects of passive smoking on young people.

The bill was passed by 376 votes to 107 and the government later said a ban in England and Wales would be introduced next year.

The New Zealand Asthma and Stroke Foundations say this country should follow that example.

The Asthma Foundation said it had approached the government about adopting a similar measure.

Medical director Kyle Perrin said controlling smoking in cars is a high priority for the good health of New Zealand children.

The Stroke Foundation said second-hand smoke is a major cause of poor health in children and eliminating their exposure to it in cars would be a very positive step.

National promotion manager Julia Rout said New Zealand has been at the frontline of banning smoking in public places and it must not be left behind on the issue of banning it in cars.