13 Feb 2014

Tasmanian Devil habitat threatened

11:48 am on 13 February 2014

An Australian environmental group is fuming because a Tasmanian Devil habitat in Tasmania may be destroyed for the benefit of two New Zealand companies.

A Tasmanian Devil at Taronga Zoo, Sydney.

A Tasmanian Devil at Taronga Zoo, Sydney. Photo: AFP (file)

The Tasmanian state government this week approved the clearing of 1800 hectares of native forest, for a dairy company almost fully owned by New Plymouth District Council and which is a supplier to Fonterra.

The land is in the northwest of Tasmania, a wet and hot area which is not only great for dairy farming, but also ideal for the Tasmanian Devil.

Van Diemen's Land has acknowledged the devils may be affected by the work.

Tasmanian Conservation Trust director Peter McGlone is concerned about the clearing, and says New Zealanders should be too.

Clearing of the land still needs approval by the Australian federal government, which could be some months away.