11 Feb 2014

Technology tool aims to keep kids safe

10:03 pm on 11 February 2014

A new tool for teaching children how to use technology safely is vital in the digital age, Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff says.

Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff.

Privacy Commissioner Marie Shroff. Photo: SUPPLIED

The commissioner, together with the cyber safety watchdog NetSafe, has produced an online resource for use in classrooms, which advises children of the dangers on-line, and explains how to avoid them.

The programme was launched at Tawa School in Wellington this morning.

Ms Shroff said children had access to technology at younger ages than ever before.

"We've moved into a digital environment. It's the digital century. These children are going to grow up as digital citizens, so it's never to early to provide the teachers with the resource to help them guide the children towards safe internet activity."

Children can face bullying and threats to personal privacy while in cyber space, and the new resource will help them stay safe, she said.