9 Feb 2014

Growers back country of origin labels

7:09 pm on 9 February 2014

Food growers are supporting calls for country-of-origin labelling, though not as a direct response to Australian supermarkets rejecting New Zealand goods.

Cheaper fruit and vegetables helped bring down food prices.

Photo: RNZ

During talks this week with his Australian counterpart, Prime Minister John Key raised the issue of some supermarkets in Australia rejecting New Zealand goods as part of a "Buy Australia" campaign.

The Labour Party has called for mandatory country-of-origin labelling to redress the balance and help New Zealand shoppers avoid goods from Australia.

Horticulture New Zealand chief executive Peter Silcock supports the labelling to allow consumers can make informed choices, not as a means to boycott certain products.

"We're certainly not proposing that our supermarkets don't stock imported product in any way, we're just saying there should be information available to consumers."