7 Feb 2014

Hefty fine for Jetstar work breaches

3:41 pm on 7 February 2014

Two Jetstar companies have been fined $98,000 for breaches of employment law in Australia that began in New Zealand.

Australian airline Jetstar.

Photo: AFP

The case was brought by Australia's Fair Work Ombudsman over cadet pilots being made to pay for their training through deductions from their wages.

The cadets were trained in Australia, but hired by a New Zealand-registered subsidiary of Jetstar under Individual Employment Agreements negotiated under New Zealand industrial law.

The pilots' employment was later transferred to an Australian-based arm of Jetstar.

The judge in the Federal Court in Sydney said Jetstar continued trying to recover training costs within Australia, despite advice it was unlawful under the relevant award, the Australia's Air Pilots Award 2010.

A total of $20,000 was involved, affecting six trainee pilots.

Jetstar says the money has since been refunded. It says it takes its employment responsibilities seriously and has helped 100 cadet pilots get their careers started.