31 Jan 2014

Micronutrients may help ADHD

1:22 pm on 31 January 2014

A study from the University of Canterbury has found micronutrients are an effective treatment for ADHD sufferers.

The disorder, known in full as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, affects concentration and leads to impulsive behaviour and hyperactivity.

In the study of 80 adults, some were given a tablet of highly-concentrated vitamins and minerals and others a placebo - over a period of eight weeks.

Standard ADHD medicines, such as Ritalin, were not taken.

Psychology Professor Julia Rucklidge said micronutrients not only treated ADHD symptoms but improved other afflictions as well.

"Those who were taking the micronutrients were significantly better than the group that was taking the placebo, so that's really exciting because it confirms a lot of other evidence out there showing that micronutrients are an effective way forward for treating ADHD as well as other mental illness."

Julia Rucklidge said the treatment will help those who cannot take standard medication or do not respond to it.