31 Jan 2014

Summer fun has hidden peril

1:38 pm on 31 January 2014

Be careful eating ice creams or playing that summer game of cricket - official figures show either might end up injuring you.


The Accident Compensation Corporation has released details of injury claims from last summer which include feet being burnt on hot sand, mouths pierced by ice cream sticks and collapsing deck chairs.

Burning your feet on the sand has caused significant injuries - with 877 ACC claims lodged for beach-related accidents.

Other claims include nearly 70 injuries from backyard cricket and more than 520 barbecue accidents.

ACC injury prevention programme manager Megan Nagel says summer is about having fun but people need to be aware of potential hazards.

"Playing cricket in the back yard, for instance, if there 's a hole in the lawn maybe fill it up so with some dirt so you don't unintentinally twist your ankle and end up with a bad ankle injury."