25 Jan 2014

Cardno killer 'should never be freed'

9:27 am on 25 January 2014

The stepfather of a Lower Hutt schoolgirl raped and murdered by Paul Dally says her killer can't be changed and should never be released.

Dally was sentenced to life in prison for murder after he kidnapped Karla Cardno in 1989. He raped and tortured the 13-year-old before burying her alive on the Pencarrow coast.

On Friday, the Parole Board released its reasons for denying him parole.

At his hearing on Tuesday, Dally told the board that he enjoyed carrying out his crime.

A psychologist's report described him as manipulative and resistant to addressing his offending. However, the psychologist also said that psychopathic parts of Dally's character had reduced considerably and he might be able to be managed in the community.

The board described that opinion as highly optimistic. It said Dally did not apply for parole and, despite 25 years in jail and completing treatment programmes, he poses an undue risk of violent and sexual offending and is too dangerous to be freed.

Karla Cardno's stepfather Mark Middleton told Radio New Zealand's Checkpoint programme on Friday that Dally can't be rehabilitated.

"He's an entirely toxic dangerous individual who basically can't be rehabilitated, 'cause he's unable to. We can't release this guy into our society can we? I don't think so - over my dead body anyway."

Mr Middleton says it was disturbing but not surprising that Dally told the Parole Board he enjoyed committing his crime.

Auckland University clinical psychology associate professor Ian Lambie says Dally has severe personality issues and jail is the best place for him. Ian Lambie says not everyone can be helped, no matter what treatment they receive.