2 Jan 2014

Helpine calls double after sex ring case

5:47 pm on 2 January 2014

Calls to a national rape helpline have doubled since revelations were made about a teenage sex ring in Auckland.

The group of young men boasted online about having sex with intoxicated young women, some of them underage. No charges have been laid.

Rape Crisis national coordinator Georgia Knowles says more women are calling the organisation's helplines and existing clients are requiring more therapy and interventions since the revelations of the so-called Roast Busters case emerged.

Ms Knowles says some women unconnected to the case have realised through coverage of the allegations that their own complaints to police have been mishandled.

Rape Crisis says it expects to see a further increase in demand in a few months' time, because survivors often wait before calling for help.

Meanwhile, an Auckland sex abuse charity says it received 450 more calls in November last year than the same month in 2012. HELP says it recorded over 1400 calls compared with 960.

Crisis services manager Aimee Stockenstroom says survivors have been prompted to call by the media coverage of the case.