1 Jan 2014

Warning to be aware of fire danger

5:53 pm on 1 January 2014

The National Rural Fire Authority says the fire season is likely to be shorter this summer than in recent years, but everyone still needs to be vigilant.

Fire officer Murray Dudfield said the soil isn't as dry because of wet weather during the last three months of 2013, and that is likely to reduce the length of any dry spell.

Mr Dudfield said the areas likely to be driest are Marlborough, Canterbury, Central Otago and possibly Wairarapa.

"We'd like people to be aware of the fire danger in the regional areas that they're travelling through. We have the half grapefruit sign which gives a good indicator of what the fire danger is and those locations and we're monitoring the fire danger on a daily basis.

"So if people are not sure, check it's all right before you light and talk to your local rural fire officer."

Mr Dudfield said people can also check the National Rural Fire Authority's website to see what bans and restrictions are in place for their area.