27 Dec 2013

Killer may still be deviant - Parole Bd

12:40 pm on 27 December 2013

The Parole Board has released its reasons for keeping a man who killed a pregnant teenager in prison.

Hayden Taylor, 37, killed Nicola Rankin, 18, in 1996 while on bail for the kidnap and rape of Amanda Watt.

Taylor was told two weeks ago he would not be released after 17 years in prison.

In a decision released on Friday, the Parole Board said that while he has completed sex offender programmes, has strong family support and home leaves, it is not convinced he has addressed his sexual deviancy.

It also said Taylor denies there was any sexual component to the murder.

The report said Taylor professed to be a changed man since he committed the heinous crimes then.

But the board said that needs to be tested over time and in a variety of situations before it can be satisfied he is no longer a risk to the community.