22 Dec 2013

Company defends sachet alcohol

9:37 pm on 22 December 2013

A company which makes small sachets of alcoholic drinks is defending the product, saying it does not encourage people to smuggle them into clubs and pubs.

The 25ml sachets of vanilla-flavoured vodka contain 20% alcohol and are being sold in about 100 liquor stores in North Island main centres. The product which has the brand name 'Cheeky' is made in New Zealand and was launched three months ago.

The Brewers' Association has raised concerns with the police about how the product is marketed to young people and how easy it is to hide in pockets or purses.

Spokesperson Jenny Cameron says the drinks go against the work that has been done by the industry to reduce the harm of drinking.

But one of the owners of Cheeky, Lewis Gyde says the marketing does not encourage people to undermine the hospitality industry and the small portion size will help people to know how much they are drinking so they can limit their consumption.

Police say they are dismayed the sachets are on sale and will be looking into how they can influence their availability.