25 Oct 2013

NZ slips in world pay equity stakes

9:02 pm on 25 October 2013

A member of the Human Rights Commission says New Zealand is failing to provide equal pay for men and women in the same jobs.

New Zealand is ranked seventh in the World Economic Forum's annual Global Gender Gap report, down a place from last year's ranking. The report ranks every country by its gender rights and equal opportunities.

The Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner, Jackie Blue, says the country should be proud that it is in the top 10, but pay equity needs to improve.

"We have many women clustered in low paid, female-dominated industries, such as caring, cleaning and clerical work and that accounts to a large part the pay gender gap."

New Zealand's ranking has slipped from sixth to seventh over the past year. It was pushed down as the Philippines jumped from eighth to fifth, with progress in health, education and economic participation.

Ms Blue says she's confident New Zealand can achieve pay equity but doesn't believe it will happen soon.