25 Oct 2013

Auckland election result shows divided city

9:05 am on 25 October 2013

Mr Brown won a majority of votes in only one of the nine local board subdivisions north of the Harbour Bridge, but largely cleaned up south of the bridge in a pattern similar to three years ago.

Overall Mr Brown beat his centre-right challenger John Palino by a comfortable 55,000 votes.

The breakdown of the mayoral vote across the 32 local board subdivisions in Auckland shows Mr Brown slipping only slightly since the previous election.

North of the Harbour Bridge, Mr Brown narrowly won in only the Kaipatiki board, losing the rest to Mr Palino.

That included Wellsford, where he polled highest in the previous election.

South of the bridge, Mr Brown lost in only one of the 23 subdivisions, the wealthy Orakei board, and polled highest in the Waiuku ward, where he had been beaten three years ago.