23 Sep 2013

Dashboard breathalyser devices ordered for 220 drivers

1:37 pm on 23 September 2013

Two hundred and twenty serious and repeat drink drivers have been ordered to have a device fitted to their cars to stop them from driving while drinking.

It is a year since alcohol interlocks became a sentencing option. A judge can sentence offenders for repeat drink-drivers and some first-time offenders convicted of driving when over twice the legal limit.

The alcohol interlock is a dashboard breathalyser that can stop the vehicle from starting if it detects the driver has been drinking.

The offender has to pay for installation and a monthly leasing fee.

Of the 220 people sentenced to using the devices, 68 had them installed.

Those who have not, are not allowed to drive.

The Transport Agency says the interlocks are part of a concerted effort to reduce deaths and injuries caused by drunk drivers.

A review of the programme is expected to happen next year.