6 Sep 2013

New bishop hopes election will inspire women priests in UK

9:59 pm on 6 September 2013

The newly elected Anglican Bishop of Waikato says she hopes her appointment will be an inspiration to women priests in England, who are still barred from becoming bishops.

Helen-Ann Hartley was ordained in England in 2005 and has become the first woman ordained there to become a bishop.

She has been in New Zealand since 2010 and is now the dean of Pakeha students at St John's College in Auckland.

Dr Hartley believes her appointment will encourage the campaign in the Church of England for woman bishops.

She says the New Zealand Anglican Church has been at the forefront of enabling women to reach high office.

Dr Hartley predicts England could have a woman bishop within three years.

She will be installed as the Seventh Bishop of Waikato in February.