16 Aug 2013

Chch property owners told to pay for sewerage inspections

2:07 pm on 16 August 2013

] Property owners in Christchurch are being told they need to pay for inspections of their sewerage pipes because they could have earthquake damage.

Christchurch City Council says it wants owners to fix damaged pipes because silt and ground water is seeping in and can damage wastewater treatment facilities.

The council says one billion dollars is being spent to fix the public wastewater system.

Water and waste manager Mark Christison says a video inspection costs about $200 and any quake damage found should be covered by insurance or the Earthquake Commission.

Mr Christison says 40% to 70% of private wastewater pipes could be damaged.

He says owners are not legally required to get an inspection, but it's in their best interests to do so.