13 Aug 2013

Auckland SPCA wants gin traps banned

9:52 pm on 13 August 2013

The Auckland SPCA is calling for a regional ban on gin traps after a cat's leg was almost severed in west Auckland - the second such incident in a month.

The SPCA says the animal is being treated after its left hind leg was caught in the trap in Ranui on Monday. In an earlier incident, the leg of a cat in Henderson had to be amputated.

The setting of gin traps within 150 metres of a house without the owner's permission or in any area where there is a risk of catching a pet is illegal.

Auckland SPCA's chief executive Christine Kalin wants to see an end to the traps, calling them inhumane and saying there is also a risk that children could get caught in them.

The SPCA are investigating both incidents.