12 Aug 2013

Wishart defamation case not over yet

4:21 pm on 12 August 2013

A defamation case involving investigative journalist Ian Wishart may not be over despite a jury finding that he and three others defamed a former diplomat.

The case relates to information about Lindsay Smallbone, published in the 2011 book The Hunt.

A jury at the Wellington High Court last week found that the book was published recklessly and contained defamatory information.

It ordered the defendants to pay damages totalling $270,000 to Mr Smallbone.

However in a decision released on Monday, trial judge Justice Joseph Williams said he entered a judgement against the defendants after the verdicts were delivered because he mistakenly believed he had to do so.

Justice Williams has recalled his judgement entry and given Mr Wishart and his co-defendants 14 days to make submissions on the question of damages.