Families criticise court action on CTV probe

6:23 am on 1 August 2013

Family members of people who died in the collapse of Christchurch's CTV building are criticising the engineer whose company designed the building for trying to stop an investigation into his work.

Alan Reay is taking the Institution of Professional Engineers to the High Court claiming it lacks the jurisdiction to look into his work and credentials.

Dr Reay's firm took much of the blame at the Canterbury Earthquake's Royal Commission for the collapse of the CTV building in the February 2011 earthquake.

The Institution of Professional Engineers is looking into three complaints regarding engineering work Dr Reay has undertaken throughout his career, including on the CTV building which collapsed killing 115 people.

Two have been laid by the chief engineer at the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and the Institution of Professional Engineers itself.

Another is supported by 55 people who lost friends or relatives in the February quake. One of the complaint's backers, Brian Kennedy, says Dr Reay is only fighting the investigations because he's got something to hide, and could make things easier for himself by letting the inquiries run unhindered.

Maan Alkaisi, whose wife was killed in the CTV building, says the court action is a delaying tactic to allow Dr Reay to continue making money in the Christchurch rebuild.

Alan Reay's lawyer has declined to comment.