19 Jul 2013

Rental warrants of fitness will cost tenants

9:26 pm on 19 July 2013

A Dunedin property management company is warning that the costs of a proposed warrant of fitness scheme for rental housing will be passed on to tenants.

Dunedin City Council is drafting a local bill that would set minimum standards for all rental properties in the city.

Mayor Dave Cull said the standards would cover features such as insulation and warmth.

Presbyterian Support says it has been advocating for a warrant of fitness scheme for a decade and is delighted by the council's move.

Chief executive Gillian Bremner said her only worry is that landlords could end up passing on the costs of the scheme to their tenants.

Dunedin landlord Kyle Elmer said the Tenancy Act already requires landlords to keep properties to a minimum standard and they will pass on the costs of compliance by increasing the rent.