1 Jul 2013

House to be searched in Furlong cold case

10:10 pm on 1 July 2013

Police investigating the homicide of Auckland teenager Jane Furlong, who disappeared 20 years ago, will search a house after receiving fresh information on the cold case.

The 17-year-old was last seen on the city's Karangahape Road in May 1993. Her remains were found at a beach at Port Waikato in May 2012, about an hour's drive south from Auckland.

Detective Inspector Mark Benefield said on Monday that based on information new to the inquiry officers would search a property Jane Furlong is last known to have lived at in the suburb of Onehunga.

Mr Benefield said the house is where Ms Furlong was reported missing by her boyfriend at the time. He has previously said that the boyfriend holds key information about the case but has kept silent.

Mr Benefield said even though the search comes 20 years after the event, it is also true that technology has come a long way since then. Police would take up floorboards and dig up the yard if necessary in the search, which may take up to four days.