17 Nov 2009

Minties get moisture makeover

7:02 pm on 17 November 2009

Confectionery maker Cadbury has changed the formula of another New Zealand favourite.

The recipe for Minties has been given a makeover into a softer, chewier version; after production was moved to Thailand in August.

Other mint products, Mint Imperials and Curiously Strong Mints, are also now made offshore.

A Cadbury spokesperson Daniel Ellis says new equipment in their Thailand factory is the main reason for the change in texture, allowing them to get more water content into the lolly.

He says given the equipment used in New Zealand was very old and expensive to replace, Cadbury opted to move production overseas where the products can be made faster.

The change comes just three months after a public backlash forced Cadbury to back down on its decision to use palm oil in its chocolate.

Daniel Ellis says the company's wary of another strong reaction from consumers, but so far the feedback's been mainly positive, with sales of the new product remaining steady.

Palm oil is not used in Minties.

Minties were first made in 1922 by an Australian, James Stedman, and over the years have become a firm favourite on this side of the ditch.