9 Nov 2009

Quick clean-up of graffiti no deterrent - report

7:39 pm on 9 November 2009

A report by Victoria University on tagging and graffiti attitudes suggests 24-hour clean up policies by councils may not be enough to stop offenders.

The report, still in its draft stage, is being written by the Institute of Criminology.

Just over 270 youths were involved in 21 focus groups around the country between April and May 2009 for the report.

Those who engaged in graffiti were asked what might lead them to stop graffiti or tagging behaviour.

The quick removal of graffiti, a key plank of much local government policy, rated low.

Just 3.5% of graffiti writers and 3% of occasional writers agreed it would be a reason to desist.

The teenagers who took part say the most significant reason to stop tagging was being caught by police.