2 Aug 2009

Study finds more alcohol outlets in poor urban areas

2:23 pm on 2 August 2009

A new study shows poor urban areas have more alcohol outlets than wealthier neighbourhoods.

The University of Otago study assessed whether the proximity of alcohol outlets varied based on the socio-economic status of an area.

Researchers found that people living in lower decile neighbourhoods live closer to pubs, clubs and liquor stores than those who live in more wealthy areas.

People in more affluent suburbs also have to travel a distance 50% greater to reach to an outlet, compared with those in more deprived areas.

Principal researcher Dr Kypros Kypri says the study shows an overall pattern of easier access to off-licence liquor outlets, pubs and clubs in more deprived neighbourhoods.

Dr Kypri says the findings contrast with those found in other countries, such as Australia, where alcohol is less accessible.