20 Jun 2009

Polish man loses extradition appeal

8:13 am on 20 June 2009

A man who has been fighting extradition to Poland over dishonesty charges for five years has lost his appeal.

Slawomir Ryszard Bujak is accused of misappropriating money, vehicles and property during the failure of a transport company which he ran in Poland.

The Polish government sought his extradition in 2004, which was granted by the Christchurch District Court that year.

Mr Bujak appealed, questioning the admissibility of Polish documentation and the reliability of alleged hearsay evidence. The High Court in Christchurch rejected this in 2008.

The subsequent Court of Appeal case also found against Mr Bujak, saying the necessary formalities for extradition had been met.

In another case, Mr Bujak went to the Supreme Court to stop the Polish authorities from seizing his assets in New Zealand, but lost.