9 May 2013

Wilson appeal over supervision order dismissed

12:14 pm on 9 May 2013

The Court of Appeal has dismissed an appeal by a convicted sex offender, who wanted an extended supervision order withdrawn.

Stewart Murray Wilson, who is now back in jail after breaching his release conditions, served 16 years in prison for multiple rapes of women, stupefying and illtreatment of children and bestiality, which he still denies.

Lawyer Andrew Mckenzie argued the supervision order was made prematurely by the High Court last year.

The court said Wilson's other ground of appeal was that the High Court had been wrong to decide that the legal test for making an extended supervision order had been met.

The legal test is whether an offender is likely to commit sexual offences against someone under 16.

Wilson argued that his three convictions for offending against girls were merely incidental to his offending against adult women and did not reveal any tendency for offending against young people.

The appeals were dismissed and an extended supervison order remains in place. It will come into effect when he is released from prison in 2015.